A Broken Toy

Many of us find ourselves in a place where something in our life feels broken. It can even be at a time when we believe that we are consistently doing the next right thing. Imagine being a child and giving the broken “toy” to a loving parent. As a child you don’t understand why the toy broke or why it cannot be fixed on your schedule. If you stomp and scream and have a fit, you will never understand because your brain will not develop and you will not be accessing those frontal lobes that give us the gift of thinking with more than an alligator brain. Instead you will focus only on your victim status and you will not notice that the loving parent still loves you and is there for you. You will not see the beauty in the world nor the gifts you do have. You will not even bother to play with the other toys that you have. Maybe you were too immature for that toy and you must wait until you can safely enjoy it later. Maybe the glue that is needed to fix it is also needed for something more important in the household. Maybe The toy was fundamentally flawed and would cause you harm. For those suffering from addiction, sometimes the life they are living is the broken toy. No matter what they do, they cannot fix the toy on their own. They need to turn that toy over to something more powerful. The first three steps are all about turning it over, “I can’t,” “God can,” “I think I will let God.”


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